Monday, January 11, 2010

Laking National Card

Laking National -- The card for all ages.

As far as I can remenber, I have always been a loyal National Bookstore customer. From Kindergarten to College and even for minor office supplies, this book store / office supply store has always been my favorite. Because of this, decided to get my self a "Laking National" loyalty card. Before anything else, First things first: How do you get your copy of the card?

You actually have 2 options: 1.) Get a copy of the card for as low as Php 100.00 or present receipts with an accumulated amount of Php 5000.00

Apply at the Customer Service Counter of any National Book Store. Complete the application form and pay the P100.00 fee--or to get a FREE Card, just present receipts worth P5,000 accumulated over a 12-month period. Students can avail of the special application fee of P60.00 provided they present a valid school I.D.
While waiting for the release of your new Laking National Card you can already start earning points by collecting your receipts. They will be credited when you claim your card.

Note: Please do keep your receipts while you still don't have the physical card. These receipts will be the basis for the number for points you have accumulated while waiting for the card. Also, keep the claim stub that goes along with the membership form. They usually have the card ready after a month. But should there be delays, just keep receipts handy until the card is ready.

Second Question: Who can avail of the card?

>> All valid Philippine residents with a valid I.D. can join the program. Children aged seven (7) years and above are also qualified to join. Well, kids got to have guardians for these transactions right?

So now you got to be wondering, whats in it for you if you get the card?

Think about this: Upon signing up and renewal of membership, members receive 1,000 bonus points.

Members who availed of free membership through accumulated receipts worth P5,000 will also get 1,000 sign-up bonus points plus a maximum 5,000 bonus points.

" Is that all? What else do I get? "

Members earn 1 Point for every peso purchase. Points are converted to P10.00 ePurse for every 1,000 points earned. ePurse may be used any time and at any branch, to pay for the member’s purchases.

Sign-up bonus worth 1,000 points.
Renewal bonus worth 1,000 points.
Discounts on selected books and non-book items on specific occasions.
Free gift-wrapping service on special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Graduation.   (I love this one)
Free email alerts on in-store promotions and events.
Discounts and freebies from partner establishments.
Pre-sale privilege at the annual Cut Price Book Sale.
Free premium item for every P1,000 accumulated purchase during the program’s anniversary month (October).
Special privilege during in-store events, i.e. free entrance ticket for one companion.
Exclusive Quick Shop Service for a minimum purchase amount worth P1,000.

How to earn Points

Members may earn points for purchases in any National Book Store branch. Purchases valid to earn points are all books and non-book products, such as magazines, gift-wrapping materials, etc., services, such as photocopying, laminating, etc.

Purchase of items on sale is also valid for points. Points will be credited after the discount.
Purchases using the Laking National Gift Certificate or e-Purse as payment shall earn no point. Purchases of National Book Store Gift Certicates with cash or credit card will be awarded points. However, purchases using the National Book Store Gift Certificate as payment shall earn no point.

 >> Wholesale purchases with wholesale discount are not valid for earning points.

Card Expiration

The Laking National card is valid for three (3) years. The expired card should be surrendered at Customer Service for renewal. A processing fee of P100 will be charged.
Points earned by cardholders who do not renew within one (1) month from the expiry date will be forfeited. Any Laking National account that is dormant for a period of three (3) consecutive years will be cancelled and all accumulated points and e-Purse value in the card will be forfeited.

There are other perks and freebies that go with the Laking National Card. I'll be posting an update in a few days. Stay tuned

For more information regarding the card, follow this link


  1. How to check the points of this card?

  2. You just have to go to the Customer Service Counter of any National Book Store branch they will provide you with your points details for free. Also, points are reflected in every receipt once you use your card.


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