Monday, August 9, 2010

Spin IT Win IT

For those of you who are wondering how to join this promo of GMA Network, Here you go.

Disclaimer: The blog author is not connected in any way to any media company. Purpose of this publication is to help the public learn more about the promo mechanics, no more, no less. We will not in anyway collect data of any nature or kind nor collect fees for any services.

How to join

1.) Starting June 29, 2010, watch the "Swerteng Swete sa Siyete Spin IT Win IT" mechanics plug which will be aired in various GMA network shows.
2.) To join, write the following information in a piece of paper

a.) Name
b.) Address
c.) Age
d.) Telephone number
e.) Signature

3.) Make sure your entry includes a proof of purchase of any of the following products:

Globe Prepaid

• One (1) Globe Tingi Card P10 or

• One (1) TM Tingi Card P10 or

• One (1) Globe Prepad Card P100/P300/P500

Enervon Multivitamins

• Two (2) empty flex foils of Enervon Multivitamins

Nestle Coffee mate

• Four (4) empty sachets of Nestle Coffee mate singles

Rebisco Crackers

• Two (2) 35g regular empty packs of Rebisco Crackers

Argentina Corned Beef

• One (1) label of Argentina Corned Beef of any size and variant

Ajinomoto Ginisa Flavor Seasoning Mix

• Six (6) 7g empty packs of Ajinomoto Ginisa Flavor Mix of any variant

Combination of proof-of-purchase from different sponsors is NOT allowed

4.) Place your entries together with the corresponding proof-of-purchase in a white legal size envelope. At the back of the envelope, write the following details:

• Date of the entry

• Proof of purchase/brand used for the entry

• Region where your residence address belongs to.

for a complete list of the promo mechanics, you may download the promo poster here

For the complete list of drop boxes for your entries please follow this link

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Generikard -- The Generika Rewards Card

The Generikard is the newly launched loyalty and rewards card of Generika- The country's leading generics drug store. This one is the latest addition to my list of loyalty/discount cards which I use.

What are the benefits of the Generikard?

- GeneriKard allows loyal customer to earn points for their purchases in all Generika Drugstore.

- Get special privileges/offers exclusively to Generikard.

Who can avail the GeneriKard?

- All Generika customers 18 years old and above. Senior Citizens are welcome to avail.

-The GeneriKard is for individual; it does not apply to institutions, foundations and organizations.

How to avail of the Generikard

• Buy a minimum of 300 pesos worth of generic medicines to get the card for free. (single receipt transaction) 

• Or buy the GeneriKard for 50 pesos

• Present a valid ID and submit the accomplished application form.


• All customers of Generika Drugstore, 18 years old and above, qualify to own a GeneriKard

• The GeneriKard is individualized: one person, one card only.

• The GeneriKard is for individuals, it does not apply to institutions, foundations, organizations and the like.

• Application forms are available in every branch of Generika Drugstore.

• The customer can either be issued the card for free, if he/she makes a purchase that meets certain requirements or the customer can buy the card.

• Eligibility criteria for free issuance of GeneriKard may be changed by Generika.

• The customer must fill up and submit the accomplished application form to the store personnel for processing together with a valid ID.

• If the application is complete, the card will be issued by the store on the same day (subject to availability), after the information has been encoded in the system.

• The customer must write his name and sign the card at the back.

• In case a GeneriKard was availed for free through a transaction which is later on returned and this return makes the original transaction ineligible for free issuance of GeneriKard, the GeneriKard will be charged to the customer since it was given already.

How to earn points

• All customers of Generika Drugstore, 18 years old and above, qualify to own a GeneriKard.

All transactions earn points except for:

1) transactions below 20 pesos (net amount after discounts);
2) transactions with a discount exceeding 20%;
3) transactions which took place outside the store (delivery service) ;4) charge transactions.

• In case the GeneriKard holder forgot to bring his GeneriKard during the original purchase, it is not allowed to process a return for the sole purpose of punching the transaction again under the GeneriKard just to earn points.

• For generic medicines (based on Generika's classification), points earned are equal to 1% of the purchase amount. For example, a purchase of 75 Pesos of generic medicines earns 0.75 Points.

• For other items (based on Generika's classification), points earned are equal to 0.2% of the purchase amount. For example, a purchase of 200 pesos of branded medicines and/or consumer goods earns 0.4 point.

• Points earned are printed in the Official Receipt of each transaction.

• In case of return, points earned are reversed accordingly.

• The GeneriKard has no expiry.

• Earned points will be automatically reset to 0 if the GeneriKard holder has no purchases for 365 consecutive days.

How to redeem points
• 1 point is equivalent to 1 peso.

• Points can be redeemed in all Generika drugstores and used as a means of payment when buying at Generika

• Point redemption can only be done when the store is online, which means that it can connect to the central head office client database

• Points redemption can only be done by the rightful owner of the card, who may be asked to submit a valid ID.

• Points available for redemption are based on the latest points balance available at the Head Office. In particular, points earned during the day that the customer wants to redeem are not yet included.

• The minimum transaction amount to redeem points is P10 and a minimum of 10 points is necessary for redemption.

• Points are not convertible to cash.

• In case a transaction where points were redeemed is returned later on, the value equivalent to the points redeemed will be convertible to goods to purchase upon return. No cash will be refunded. The points will not be reversed.


• GeneriKard holders will be entitled to additional promos or benefits that will be announced from time to time. Info updates or promotions will be sent to contact information submitted (email or phone).

• The GeneriKard may also contain, optionally, a certain special customer profile which entitles the holder to certain discounts on various items. This customer profile may be given outright or earned by the customer through repeated purchases.

• GeneriKard holders are subject to these terms and conditions and are deemed to have accepted them upon signing the GeneriKard Application Form.

• Generika reserves the right to cancel, suspend or modify the mechanics of the GeneriKard at any time. In the event that the program is cancelled, cardholders will be notified accordingly and will be given a grace period to redeem the earned points.

• The points reflected in the company 's record shall be considered official.

• Generika will not be held responsible for lost cards and fraudulent use of the card.

• Generika Drugstore's failure to enforce particular term, conditions or guideline does not constitute a continuing waiver of the terms and conditions.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

VIBES Massage Services -- Ka VIBES card

For those of you blog readers who love pampering and at the same time would like to help our disabled (blind, visually impared) brothers and sisters.. This one is for you.

Brief Background: VIBES is a massage parlor with branches in most SM, Robinson's Malls and Star Mall. Their clinics are manned by trained professional masseurs. Services range from mixed Shiatsu and Swedish massage. They also offer reflexology and all of this comes at very affordable rates.

VIBES massage services has a discont card called "Ka VIBES" card which you can avail for as low as Php 200.  The card is valid for 1 year and can be used at the clinic where you bought it and you can avail 20% off on services. The card that I currently have is valid at Metropolis Mall in Alabang. For any inquiries, you can call +632 996-7410. Clinic hours for this branch is 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM daily.

Bantay Kalusugan -- A monthly Free Clinic

Bantay Kalusugan (From Mercury Drug)

Bantay Kalusugan is a free clinic hosted by Mercury Drug in participating stores. Services include Free Dental check-up, Free Medical check-up, massage, Hair and skin analysis, Free Blood Sugar Screening and a lot more. The schedule varies every month. For a list of free clinic facility, you may visit their website by clicking on this Link

Sunday, April 18, 2010

MyRewards from Globe

Now - active Globe or Tattoo subscribers for prepaid, postpaid, and TM may enjoy exciting rewards and more by simply using and being with Globe!

For prepaid and Tattoo

•Earn points every time you reload

•The longer you stay on Globe, the more points you get

•Enjoy freebies and discounts because you're on Globe

For TM users

•May libreng points bawat reload

•Mas madaming points habang tumatagal sa TM

•May discounts at pa-libre dahil TM ang SIM mo

For postpaid subscribers

•Enjoy discounts and freebies with many partner establishments

•Registration is not necessary!

•Redeem just by calling the Globe Customer Service Hotline at 730-1000

For Globe Business subscribers
Call, text, surf and earn rewards only with Globe!

Rewards for Prepaid Subscribers
Now - active Globe prepaid and Tattoo subscribers may enjoy exciting rewards and more by simply using and being with Globe!

Below is a list of the discounts you may avail by texting to 4438. Texting is for free. click on the image below to view and to magnify.

Go green and get a 100 Peso Jollibee Gift Certificate from Globe

For Postpaid Globe Telecoms Subscribers:

Enroll in Globe's paperless billing system and you could get Php 100 worth of Gift Certificate from Jollibee.
Let's all do our share in reducing paper used to print bills and help save mother nature.

For more details, you may lick on this Link

Promo period from April 15 to June 15, 2010. Per DTI-NCR permit #1346 series of 2010.

Go paperless, get a gift certificate. For more details, you may call 211 using your  postpaid Globe sim or  simply log on to

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Swirl Rewards -- The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Loyalty Card

Now here's an all time favorite and one of those I highly recommend. Featuring... The Swirl Rewards Card by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Nothing really beats the good cup of coffee or tea plus perks.

So what is the Swirl Rewards anyway?

Swirl Rewards Card is a unique loyalty and cash card that gives you the immediate rewards. Every P100 you spend at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf earns you 5 points that you can use on your next purchase—or save up for a later, greater treat.

What’s the Swirl Rewards Card, and How Does it Work? It’s a loyalty card—but unlike other loyalty cards, you don’t have to build up thousands of points over months or years to get your reward. You get points you can spend instantly!

It’s a cash card—but unlike other cash cards, it’s more than just a convenience. Every P100 you spend at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf immediately gets you more spending power!

It’s both a loyalty card and a cash card in one—but it’s better than either, and it’s easy to understand!
•Every P100 you spend at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf using cash or credit card earns you 5 points.
•1 Swirl point = P1 that you can spend on anything at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. 

You gain Swirl points by purchasing—as explained above—or you can load cash directly into your card, giving you Swirl points to purchase with, which will earn you even more points, more quickly! And with just 10 Swirl points—you can get that simply by ordering an Ice Blended or two—you’ll already have enough to upsize your next drink.

1 point = 1 Peso doesn't sound good enough for you? Here's another thing: Enjoy free WiFi access with any purchase at any of their stores plus more members-only perks and promos.


Once you have your card already, please do register the card online. The site is
This would allow you to activate the card and you may also check your points online through their website. Once registered, you can also reload your Swirl Card with points or even buy one of for a friend. To avail of the card, you may  visit their stores.

Want to know more about Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf? Visit their website. Click here

Monday, January 11, 2010

Laking National Card

Laking National -- The card for all ages.

As far as I can remenber, I have always been a loyal National Bookstore customer. From Kindergarten to College and even for minor office supplies, this book store / office supply store has always been my favorite. Because of this, decided to get my self a "Laking National" loyalty card. Before anything else, First things first: How do you get your copy of the card?

You actually have 2 options: 1.) Get a copy of the card for as low as Php 100.00 or present receipts with an accumulated amount of Php 5000.00

Apply at the Customer Service Counter of any National Book Store. Complete the application form and pay the P100.00 fee--or to get a FREE Card, just present receipts worth P5,000 accumulated over a 12-month period. Students can avail of the special application fee of P60.00 provided they present a valid school I.D.
While waiting for the release of your new Laking National Card you can already start earning points by collecting your receipts. They will be credited when you claim your card.

Note: Please do keep your receipts while you still don't have the physical card. These receipts will be the basis for the number for points you have accumulated while waiting for the card. Also, keep the claim stub that goes along with the membership form. They usually have the card ready after a month. But should there be delays, just keep receipts handy until the card is ready.

Second Question: Who can avail of the card?

>> All valid Philippine residents with a valid I.D. can join the program. Children aged seven (7) years and above are also qualified to join. Well, kids got to have guardians for these transactions right?

So now you got to be wondering, whats in it for you if you get the card?

Think about this: Upon signing up and renewal of membership, members receive 1,000 bonus points.

Members who availed of free membership through accumulated receipts worth P5,000 will also get 1,000 sign-up bonus points plus a maximum 5,000 bonus points.

" Is that all? What else do I get? "

Members earn 1 Point for every peso purchase. Points are converted to P10.00 ePurse for every 1,000 points earned. ePurse may be used any time and at any branch, to pay for the member’s purchases.

Sign-up bonus worth 1,000 points.
Renewal bonus worth 1,000 points.
Discounts on selected books and non-book items on specific occasions.
Free gift-wrapping service on special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Graduation.   (I love this one)
Free email alerts on in-store promotions and events.
Discounts and freebies from partner establishments.
Pre-sale privilege at the annual Cut Price Book Sale.
Free premium item for every P1,000 accumulated purchase during the program’s anniversary month (October).
Special privilege during in-store events, i.e. free entrance ticket for one companion.
Exclusive Quick Shop Service for a minimum purchase amount worth P1,000.

How to earn Points

Members may earn points for purchases in any National Book Store branch. Purchases valid to earn points are all books and non-book products, such as magazines, gift-wrapping materials, etc., services, such as photocopying, laminating, etc.

Purchase of items on sale is also valid for points. Points will be credited after the discount.
Purchases using the Laking National Gift Certificate or e-Purse as payment shall earn no point. Purchases of National Book Store Gift Certicates with cash or credit card will be awarded points. However, purchases using the National Book Store Gift Certificate as payment shall earn no point.

 >> Wholesale purchases with wholesale discount are not valid for earning points.

Card Expiration

The Laking National card is valid for three (3) years. The expired card should be surrendered at Customer Service for renewal. A processing fee of P100 will be charged.
Points earned by cardholders who do not renew within one (1) month from the expiry date will be forfeited. Any Laking National account that is dormant for a period of three (3) consecutive years will be cancelled and all accumulated points and e-Purse value in the card will be forfeited.

There are other perks and freebies that go with the Laking National Card. I'll be posting an update in a few days. Stay tuned

For more information regarding the card, follow this link

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mercury Drug Suki Card

I have a lot of those discounts and loyalty cards but the best so far that I always use is my Mercury Drug Suki Card. I remember I acquired this card through my mother's old medicine receipts. I went to the store to claim my card and got it within the same day.

This card is really a good help, specially if you always buy medicines and small grocery items from their service area. For as low as Php 200.00 worth of purhases, you get 1 point. For every 10 points that you get, you can redeem it for a Php 10.00 discount on your next purchase. You just need to inform the cashier that you want to redeem you points.