Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Swirl Rewards -- The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Loyalty Card

Now here's an all time favorite and one of those I highly recommend. Featuring... The Swirl Rewards Card by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Nothing really beats the good cup of coffee or tea plus perks.

So what is the Swirl Rewards anyway?

Swirl Rewards Card is a unique loyalty and cash card that gives you the immediate rewards. Every P100 you spend at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf earns you 5 points that you can use on your next purchase—or save up for a later, greater treat.

What’s the Swirl Rewards Card, and How Does it Work? It’s a loyalty card—but unlike other loyalty cards, you don’t have to build up thousands of points over months or years to get your reward. You get points you can spend instantly!

It’s a cash card—but unlike other cash cards, it’s more than just a convenience. Every P100 you spend at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf immediately gets you more spending power!

It’s both a loyalty card and a cash card in one—but it’s better than either, and it’s easy to understand!
•Every P100 you spend at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf using cash or credit card earns you 5 points.
•1 Swirl point = P1 that you can spend on anything at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. 

You gain Swirl points by purchasing—as explained above—or you can load cash directly into your card, giving you Swirl points to purchase with, which will earn you even more points, more quickly! And with just 10 Swirl points—you can get that simply by ordering an Ice Blended or two—you’ll already have enough to upsize your next drink.

1 point = 1 Peso doesn't sound good enough for you? Here's another thing: Enjoy free WiFi access with any purchase at any of their stores plus more members-only perks and promos.


Once you have your card already, please do register the card online. The site is Swirlrewards.com.ph
This would allow you to activate the card and you may also check your points online through their website. Once registered, you can also reload your Swirl Card with points or even buy one of for a friend. To avail of the card, you may  visit their stores.

Want to know more about Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf? Visit their website. Click here

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